Becoming a public practitioner allows you to take control of your career and become a successful business owner. It could well be the most rewarding career move you'll ever make. Below are practical resources and guidelines to help you start your own public practice.

CPA Australia By-Laws: Part 9 public accounting services

For regulatory purposes, CPA Australia has created By-Laws for members in public practice, By-Laws 9.1 to 9.8.

Do you need a public practice certificate?

If you are a member of CPA Australia and provide public accounting services into Australia or New Zealand you need to be of CPA status and hold a public practice certificate (PPC), no matter where in the world you are located.

This requirement applies to principals, partners and directors of a public practice entity. Certain employees may also be required to hold a PPC. More detail can be found in the guidelines on providing services into Australia (PDF) or New Zealand.

The requirement to hold a PPC does not apply to employees or to those earning less than $10,000 in gross fees per calendar year from the provision of public accounting services.

Applying for a PPC

Obtaining a PPC requires the completion of the Public Practice Program. Read the pre-requisites for applying for a PPC and start your application process.

Practising in Australia and New Zealand

Practising in Asia

These guides provide an overview of the requirements to practise as an accountant in Asia.